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Larry Soares in front of Appliance Showroom

~ Professional Life

Larry has been selling and servicing appliances in Southern California for over 40 years. He has been a business owner for over 30 years. If there is anyone to trust with the purchase of your new appliance or any service you may need, it is Larry Soares.


Larry began his career in 1970 working for WT Grant in Riverside. He was hired on as a sales person, selling appliances and electronics. Within six months of employment he had moved up to a manager. He continued working for WT Grant until 1974 when the store went out of business.  

W.T. Grant Co.


Keeping within his field of expertise he went to work for Kmart in Riverside. He worked for Kmart from 1974 to 1976. He left Kmart and went to work for Robert Halls in Riverside in 1976. He worked for Robert Halls until 1977 selling appliances and electronics.

Robert Halls


The next chapter in Larry’s sales career was working for Haymans in Riverside until 1978. Larry also worked for Magnolia Refrigeration from 1978 till 1979. In 1979 he was offered a position again at Robert Halls. He worked for Robert Hall for a year, and then purchased his first store. Larry purchased Clements in Corona in 1980.

Vintage Amana Ad
Vintage Frigidaire Ad
Vintage Kenmore Ad


In 1980 Larry started his first appliance business Appliance Showroom in Corona. In 1984 he purchased Skellangers of Hemet. In 1989 he decided to close his Corona store and open a showroom in Riverside. Larry then opened a store in Sun City in 1990, closing it a year later in 1991. In 1994 he also closed the showroom in Riverside.

Larry currently has the one showroom in Hemet, CA - Appliance Showroom

~ Personal Life

Veteran of the US Army

~ United States Army

Larry enlisted into the Army in Kansas City Missouri in November 1963 and was shipped out to Fort Leonard Wood MO for basic & AIT. After completing his training he was shipped out to Munich Germany in January 1964. He was stationed at Warner Kaserne which is the largest troop buildings in the US Army. Larry served with the 24th Infantry 2nd 21 Battalion as a wheel and track mechanic until being released in October of 1966.

Warner Kaserne

~ Patriot Guard

Larry Soares is a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, a national organization of motorcycle-loving veterans who assist at military funerals. Since joining the Patriot Guard Riders 6 years ago, the 72 year old Soares has only missed a few Wednesdays volunteering at Riverside National Cemetery. He cruises to the cemetery on one of his motorcycles. He joins other Patriot Guard Riders from around Southern California to assist in holding funeral services for military veterans without families.

He said about a half dozen Patriot Guard Riders from Hemet are regularly on hand at the Wednesday services. He said there can be 10 or more veterans without families who are eulogized in a morning.

Larry Soares Patriot Guard
American Legion Post 53

~ American Legion Post 53

The Patriot Guard Riders from Hemet are members of American Legion Post 53. The Patriot Guard Riders formed in 1995 and they participate at funerals for flag ceremonies and say eulogies. They volunteer to ride as escorts from airports for bodies of military personnel killed in action. When requested, they gather at airports to welcome home members of the service returning from war zones.

Larry Soares - CEO of Appliance Showroom

"It makes me feel good, It makes me feel like I have a purpose. It is not always easy to skip out from my store, I just make it work. I think it's an important thing to do."

Larry Soares in front of Appliance Showroom
Larry Soares on his motorcycle
CEO of Appliance Showroom
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