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Delivery Page

Delivery Information

  • Your delivery time is approximate.
    Since each job is unique, We cannot guarantee an exact time of delivery. Weather and traffic conditions also factor into our delivery times. Please feel free to give us a call at (951) 929-0859 for a status update.
  • We usually attempt to contact you by phone just prior to delivery.
    If we get no answer, we assume that no one is home. If you are home but not near the phone, please let us know in advance. Please do not remove anything from the refrigerator until you know we are on the way. Verify your phone # on the sales invoice to ensure we will have no issues reaching you.
  • Parts may be needed to complete installation.
    Any parts needed for proper installation will be billed at the time of delivery unless discussed otherwise.
  • What is a normal or typical installation?
    A normal/typical installation is the replacement or installation of the same size and type of appliance, and hook up to existing functional facilities. Any electrical, plumbing or cabinet modifications are not considered normal.
  • Delivery area must be accessible.
    There may be a charge to move furniture or other appliances, remove/replace bi-fold doors, swinging doors, or other barriers preventing access. Lifting appliances over counters or through windows is not considered normal.
  • Please call us if you have any questions!
    We want your delivery to go as smooth as possible and understand that there may be certain challenges that are unavoidable. Please keep in mind that we’re here to help. Thank You!
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